Hello, I'm Liam Rosenfeld. I will be going into the 11th grade for the 2019-20 school year. This is my submission for the repl.it music competition.


I play Clarinet and Saxophone in the school band. Throughout my dealings with music, I've been fascinated by its underpinnings. This explores a lesser-known corner of music theory called Neo-Riemannian Theory, an alternative to the traditional Roman Numerals.

Because Neo-Riemannian Theory is lesser-known (and also possibly because it has a scary name), it is seldom taught before graduate degrees. I enjoy visualizing abstract concepts through code (as I have previously done with the Fourier Transform) so I saw this as an opportunity to visualize and explain Neo-Riemannian Theory in a way that any musician can learn and explore.


This is not meant to be a silver bullet for chord generation. Like all of music theory, this is just a tool. This implementation of the tool is meant to be a vehicle for exploration, and I hope you have a fun time exploring.

<> with ❤️ by Liam Rosenfeld